Persistent daily action ensures that we will gain ground in the No-BS Manifesting Course Review battle with our safety-seeking aspect. As our territory expands we move ever-closer to achieving our heart's desires. For the sake of your dreams, act now! Act daily! There is no perfect time to act in the past or the future. All we ever have is this now. Here's to your daily victories and your ultimate success! We recently brought a wild horse into our family and my mate has been applying a training method called Natural Horsemanship.

This method encourages the trainer to observe where the horse is at in their understanding and begin the teachings from there. For example, our new charge had never been touched by a human so the first step was to attach a stuffed work glove to a long stick and gingerly touch Cricket with the surrogate "hand" as she walked by. It startled her at first but she gradually got used to it and the lessons increased from there.

The process was slow at the beginning, there were days the "hand" was no big deal and other days where she responded like she'd never seen such a scary thing before in her life. But my mate's patience and consistency created an amazing trust between the two, so future learning came at increasing speeds.